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Commercial Hamilton projects

From Offices, apartments through to Hotels, Harmony Sound & Vision has been involved in a number of projects and has the ability to complete both large and small projects. Structured networking cabling through to access control systems or conference room requirements. Cat wire cabling or Fibre, we can assist. You will receive high quality componentry and great service that will meet your needs and offer you the best solution for your Commercial Hamilton needs.

Novotel Hamilton 2019-2020

Novotel Hamilton added 40 new rooms to their already high class hotel. These rooms were given the latest in new technology and system design. With a full Fibre network run through to each room in the new area. A GPON network system has been utilised to offer TV, Data and Phone services to each room. Working in conjunction with FormNZ to complete the work as required, it was a great project to be involved in.  

Grand Mercure Hotel, Auckland 2018

The Grand Mercure Hotel Auckland upgraded their conference facilities in 2018. With 9 rooms available for use, the requirement for a easy to use projection and audio system for each room. Our team provided them with electric drop down screens, projectors, audio systems with speakers and touch screen controls for full control of each room. With 5 rooms needing multiple room layouts, they received a system that allowed them to easily connect rooms together through one button touch when required for clients. Each room offers HDMI/VGA connectivity to each projector with audio through the in ceiling speakers. In the larger rooms, the integration of wireless microphones is made easily through the touch screen controls, ensuring all the staff can easily set up a room for the clients needs.   

Bahn Mi Caphe Hamilton 2018

Bahn Mi Caphe has become a well visited eatery in Hamilton. With its unique family-style Vietnamese food that brings a touch of Vietnam to Hamilton. You can be sure of a great meal that will have your taste buds calling for more. We had the privilege of assisting the owners with their requirements for music through out the Caphe in their Commercial Hamilton property. With pendant style speakers hanging for the ceiling that create a high quality sound, we were able to create a balance of audio and people that welcomes you in while inviting great conversation. If your looking for a great tasting meal and fantastic music that allows you to meet and connect, then Bahn Mi Caphe is the place to go.

Banh Mi Caphe installation
Banh Mi Caphe installation


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