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Home Entertainment Hamilton

Every home is not the same just as no two people are alike. We believe in listening to you and asking the right questions to see what type of system will suit you best and matching the equipment to your needs. We each have different ideas and ways that we want to use our home and our systems. Let Jonathan discuss your thoughts and requirements with you to find the correct equipment and system that will suit you in your Home Entertainment, life style and home.

Home Entertainment

Whether you are looking for a system to add to your Living room or a dedicated Home Theatre room we can help. Whether you want a large projection screen or Full 4K HD TV to view your favourite Movies and TV shows, you will be provided the right form of screen to suit your requirements.

We have access to great range of TVs and Projectors to suit your viewing needs and will professionally install these to the highest standard possible. Coupled with a fantastic Audio system, you will have an immersive sound from the quietist audio to the loudest explosions, your system will provide the full theatre experience.

With carefully selected brands that reflect the quality and performance that you can rely on. Let us assist you in deciding which type of system is best for you and provide you with a system that you can enjoy for years to come. Home Entertainment Hamilton are here to help.

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Multiroom Audio from NuVo

If you love your music and you enjoy having it playing through out your home no matter the room you are in, then a well designed Multiroom system is for you. No longer do you have a little radio or an iPod dock in every room. Let us show you how you can achieve a fantastic quality of sound in any room with a system from NuVo Technologies. Whether you prefer to have a locally placed keypad in each room or a totally wirelessly controlled system, NuVo can provide a solution that will meet your needs.

The Freedom of Wireless

Take your love of music to the next level with the all new NuVo Wireless Audio System! Offering the highest fidelity in wireless audio and immediate access to the near-infinite tunes of on-line radio, there’s never been a better way to keep your ears satisfied. Check it out for yourself, and discover how beautiful the freedom of wireless whole home audio can sound.
The freedom of wireless with NuVo and Harmony Sound, Waikato

Video solutions for the whole house

With many homes now having more than one TV in the lounge and the a large range of services to watch, it can be hard to distribute your video needs around your home. Not any more with a properly designed system that will allow you to have Full HD quality in any room that you choose without the hassle of extra DVD players or TV receivers in each room. Let us explain to you how we can help you achieve a complete TV network. This is easier than you may think. Interested in down loaded content. With a properly set up network we can help you achieve a good balance to receive high quality movies or TV series directly on your TV.

Video solutions for the whole house | Harmony Sound and Vision, Hamilton Audio and TV

Is your home is ready for the latest technology?

With the ever changing face of Technology it is important to make sure your new home is ready for the future. Let us guide you through the needs for Fibre, Wifi, Internet and digital TV requirements.

Smart wiring services

The future is here and smart wiring is becoming more and more a need rather than a want. Smart wiring systems turn an ordinary home into a smart home by providing the ability to connect various devices around the house in a way that's useful to you, the home owner. Smart wiring is a system of cabling that runs through your home to provide the services that we all take for granted. Such as your TV, Phone, Data, Security, Cameras, Streaming Services and more.

Fibre to the Home, are you ready?

Your new home needs to have a properly planned wiring solution from Home Connectivity Hamilton. With Fibre internet now a common and sometimes only option in your new home, will you be ready? If your home has a properly planned smart wiring system, you will be ready to connect into the ultra fast services that are available. A smart wired home network will allow you to connect your latest technology easily and seamlessly.

Talk to us about getting your home ready and don't be left behind.

WiFi and Home Networking

Many homes now have more and more WiFi capable equipment. The average home is said to have at least 6-12 WiFi capable items from Laptops to Smart phones and Tablets. Many people are relying on their router from their service provider for reliable WiFi connections. this can be a problem as many of these units will not handle the load well and regularly drop signal or cause slow rates of download due to the number of items on them.

We rely on products designed to handle a large number of users. If you need reliable and effective WiFi or a hard wired network then Home Connectivity Hamilton can help.

Home networking system

Freeview aerials, satellite services and receivers

With Freeview Terrestrial HD or Satellite service you can receive a crystal clear picture either on your Freeview capable TV or via a Freeview receiver. Harmony Sound & Vision offer a quick and guaranteed set up of a UHF aerial so you can receive high definition Freeview or a Satellite set up for those hard to reach areas. In areas like Raglan, it is not easy to receive a normal TV signal, but with Freeview Satellite you can enjoy free TV and it will always be crystal clear. Once you have paid for the initial set up, you will be able to enjoy crystal clear TV free for years to come from Home Connectivity Hamilton.

Trusted brands and products

When looking for Home Entertainment Hamilton, we can assist you with top quality brands and services.


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